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Feature Description Drum Scriobh 2.0 DrumNote
Pro v2.3
System Organization * *
On-Line Help Manual to explain software operation * *
On-Line Tutorial Videos to demonstrate software features and operation   *
Score Books to keep sets of scores organized   *
Utility to categorize (copy/move) scores between books   *
"Publishing" (Import/Export) of scores/books to allow "sharing" of music between users Partial *
"Tree View" of scores with various grouping and sort orders help organize large libraries   *
Simplified Score Book system   *
User-defined score list processing (print, publish, etc)   *
Score Editor * *
Multiple simultaneous score editors   *
Open a predefined "score set" (multiple scores) with a single mouse click   *
Custom time signatures * *
Cut/Copy/Paste/Move/Invert(L-to-R and R-to-L) notes or blocks of notes * *
Cut/Copy/Paste notes or blocks of notes across score editors   *
Toolboxes of notes, embellishments, etc * *
Right-Mouse menu of editing items * *
UNDO function * *
Add/Move/Delete "structure" items * *
Different note head types (cross, diamond, etc) * *
"Grouping" marks (unison, dynamics, etc) Partial *
Score Analysis with "hints" Partial *
Real-time note checker * *
Auto-space function based on note values Partial *
Premade notes/phrases (flam, drag, roll, triplet, etc) with selectable spacing and dot/cut settings   *
Custom (user-definable) note blocks/groups   *
Flourishing Tenor Symbols with adjustable vertical positioning   *
"Tenor Voicing" marks   *
Simple "click-and-drag" operation to add ties, lines, triplet marks, unison marks, dynamic markings, etc   *
Variable number of measures per line * *
User defined "DOT" placement (note head or staff)   *
User defined "DOT/CUT" timing on a per-note basis (for playback accuracy)   *
"Force" roll-stroke count on a per-roll basis (for playback and printing purposes)   *
Copy or Delete an entire part or line at a time Partial *
Copy/Paste a line or measure with a single mouse click or keystroke   *
Keystroke equivalents for many placement and editing operations   *
Add rich text formatted (RTF) documentation to scores   *
Selectively enable/disable (hide/unhide) various elements/embellishments   *
Search/replace various elements/embellishments   *
Highlighter tool with user-selectable colors   *
"Slide" lines/scores left or right   *
Copy/Paste measures across editors with single keystroke   *
Playback * *
MIDI or sampled WAVE file WAVE MIDI
Fine Tuning of flams, drags, roll buzz and dot/cut separation   *
User-definable setup of "roll strokes" that are tempo and time based   *
User-definable DOT/CUT timing on a per-note basis   *
Customizable metronome   *
Forte-only (unisons) with selectable lead volume   *
Medley playback from a customizable medley playlist   *
Overlapped Scores playback (Corps playback) of scores written for different instruments (snare, bass, tenor, etc)   *
Printing * *
Portrait or Landscape orientation * *
Printout customization, including user-selectable fonts, graphic logos and text Partial *
Native industry-standard PDF file output (no external drivers required)   *
Ability to selectively display "roll-strokes", part, line and measure numbers   *
Scalable printing, including adjustable paper size Partial *
Multi-score per page printing (2 or 4 scores per page)   *
Definable report formatting (selectable header/footer information/formats)   *
User-definable "Print Jobs" that may be saved for subsequent processing (supports unlimited scores, various output formats, etc)   *
Database used for storing scores and books   *
PDF Viewer to view/print/email saved PDF-format scores (uses Adobe's ® free viewer)   *
Custom True-Type Font for most score elements * *
Custom True-Type Font for flourishing tenor symbols   *
Software auto-update via web   *

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