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Where is the Free DrumNote Viewer?
NOTE: The free DrumNote Viewer has been discontinued. DrumNote now creates industry-standard PDF files for printing and viewing scores, as well as MIDI files for playback. The combination of these two files (PDF and MIDI) give the same functionality as the free Viewer.

Also, version 2.3 "published" (export) files are NOT compatible with previous versions of the free DrumNote Viewer or previous versions of DrumNote.

If your scores display large letters instead of notes
after upgrading to version 2.3, please read the
True-Type Font Problems
paragraph below!

True-Type Font Problems
If you are experiencing odd display issues on your scores (you are seeing large text instead of notes), it is probably due to the fact that the custom DrumNotePro font was not registered properly. Please click here to download a document that explains how to correct this issue.


Trial Version

A free trial of the DrumNote Pro 2.3 software is available for download. The trial version is fully functional, but only allows you to save 2 lines of scores and is limited to a 15 day trial period.

If you have previously downloaded and installed a version 2.x of DrumNote Pro, you may require a new demo key. Please contact Support to request a new 15 day trial key.

The free trial includes an online instruction manual. There is also a set of video tutorials available for download.


DrumNote Pro Free Trial (5.8 MB)
(includes software and documentation only)
Released on 12/1/2006





Updates for Registered Users

Version 2.3 of DrumNote Pro is available for download for all registered users. Please use the links below to download the update.

Non-registered users that have not purchased DrumNote Pro 2.x
Please do not use these download links as they will only operate in demo mode if you have not purchased and registered the software!


Version 2.3 complete update for Registered Users (48.9 MB)
(includes software, updated documentation and video tutorials)
Released on 12/1/2006

NOTE: There is a converter program that will port your version 2.2 scores to version 2.3. The link may be found under the Start -> Programs -> DrumNote menu. When you run it, the first thing it asks you to do is select where DrumNote 2.2 is located (pick the folder). It's automatic from there...




Tutorials and Documentation

A set of video tutorials were created to help you get the most out of DrumNote Pro. These videos are designed to shorten the learning curve and make you highly productive as quickly as possible.

The video tutorials are included on the installation CD when you purchase DrumNote Pro. However, if you wish to view the tutorials to help you in evaluating the trial version of the software, you may download them using the links below.

If the video tutorials or the online documentation do not answer your questions, additional information is available on the How To... page. If you need any further assistance, please go to the Support page.


Video Tutorials
Warning: This is a 43.5MB download and should only be downloaded if you have a high speed internet connection!



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