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* Multiple simultaneous score editing
* Simple "Click and Drag" operation
* Configure how scores "look" when viewed/printed
* Score Analysis and Note Checker tools to aid in proper score construction
* Control over print formatting, including native PDF file generation
* "Fine-tuning" of score playback
* Definable "roll-strokes" and per-note dot/cut timing
* Single tune, medley and "corps" playback
* Custom True-Type fonts for notes, tenor symbols, etc

* System Organization
Scores are saved in user-defined "score books", allowing "sets" of scores to be kept together (such as medleys).
Utility to categorize (copy/move) scores between books.
"Publishing" (Import/Export) of scores/books to allow "sharing" of music between users.
"Tree View" of scores with various display grouping and sort orders.
Define "Score Sets" (multiple scores to be opened simultaneously in separate score editor windows).
User modifiable color scheme.
HTML help manual to explain software operation.
Tutorial Videos to demonstrate software features and operation.
* Printing
Hardcopy printouts available in portrait or landscape orientation.
Hardcopy printout customization, including user-selectable fonts, graphic logos and text.
Hardcopy printout formatting of page header/footer data.
Ability to selectively display "roll-strokes", part, line and measure numbers.
Scalable printing, including adjustable paper size.
Multi-score per page printing (2 or 4 scores per page).
Native generation of industry-standard PDF files when printing scores.
Create, save and run user-defined "Print Jobs".
* Playback
MIDI playback with many types of instruments available (practice pads, snare/tenor/bass drums, etc).
MIDI playback "fine tuning" of flams, drags, "roll buzz" and "dot/cut separation".
User-definable setup of "roll strokes" that are tempo and time based.
User-definable DOT/CUT timing on a per-note basis.
MIDI playback with or without 3-paced rolls and a metronome track (1 to 4 "clicks" per beat).
MIDI playback of unison-only with a user-definable "lead" volume.
Medley playback from a user-defined "medley playlist".
"Overlapped Scores" ("corps") playback of scores written for different instruments (snare, bass, tenor, etc)
Select from two internal MIDI Players or any external MIDI Player.
* Score Editor
Multiple simultaneous editors open at once.
Open a predefined "score set" (multiple scores) with a single mouse click.
User defined line and note spacing and number of notes per line.
Variable number of measures per line.
User defined "DOT" placement (note head or staff).
User defined gracenote (horizontal) positioning.
Variable zoom levels from 50% to 500% in 10% increments.
Score "auto-panning" with adjustable resolution.
User-defined positioning of triplet/tuplet marks, dynamics and (de)crescendos.
Ability to selectively display "roll-strokes", part, line and measure numbers.
"Dockable toolboxes" for Notes, Embellishments, Rests, Phrases, and "Groupings".
"Floating toolboxes" for User-defined Note Groups and "flourishing tenor symbols".
User-defined Note Groups allow you to create note combinations for later use.
User-selectable spacing and dot/cut placement for Phrase Toolbar items.
Block mode that allows standard Cut, Copy, Paste, "Invert" and Move operations (up to a full line at a time).
Copy or Delete an entire part or line at a time.
Copy/Paste a line or measure with a single mouse click or keystroke.
Note "cursor" to show where a note will be placed.
Simple click operation to place items (notes, embellishments, etc.) at the current cursor position.
Simple click and drag operation to move items to a new cursor position.
Simple click and drag operation for adding ties, lines, triplet/tuplet marks, unisons, dynamic, etc.
Keystroke equivalents for many placement and editing operations.
Add rich text formatted (RTF) documentation to scores.
Multiple "highlighter" colors available per score.
Tenor "voicing" marks (up to 9 voices).
* Tools and Utilities
Score "templates" that give you a "quick start" on various score styles.
"Hideable" grace notes, embellishments and dynamics.
Wizard to replace/remove grace notes and embellishments by part or line.
Wizard to replace note head styles by part or line.
Wizard to convert "unisons" to "hilights" or vice versa.
Auto-Space score utility that automatically reformats your score based on note timing
Score Analysis utility to help in making a score musically correct

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