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Major New Features in this Release

• Flourishing Tenor symbols have been replaced with a custom True-type font
• Many new keyboard commands to add/remove score elements
• Added a new internal MIDI Player selection (Extended MIDI Player)
• Place part breaks anywhere on a line and change their orientation (left/right)
• Score Library window has a tree list of "tagged scores"
• The Score Library's Print/Publish/etc operations operate on the tagged list
• Import/Export/Publish interfaces are similar to the Categorize Scores operation
• Added a "compress phrase" and "dot/cut setting" for phrases to the Phrase Toolbox
• A book description/contents field was added to the Music Books database
• Last edit date was added to the score definition and is filled in when a score is saved
• Shift notes on a line left/right using Shift-Left/Right keys
• Revamped the System Preferences window by grouping similar options on separate tabs
• Added various new options to the System Preferences window
• Measures may be copied across multiple editors
• Many new formatting options have been added to the score printing engine
• Added the ability to create, save and run "Print Jobs"
• The Highlighter tool has selectable "Hilite Colors"
• User-definable horizontal position of flam/drag gracenotes
• Added "tenor voicing marks"
• Half notes are now available
• Vertically positioning of tenor symbols on an individual basis
• Various new tenor symbols have been added
• New DOT position setting -- Below Note Head
• User-defined vertical offset for bridges/ties and crescendo/decrescendo markings

Download the complete Version 2.3 New Features document

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